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Sometime in the late 1800s, European researchers came across vinyl chloride and did not have much use for it since they believed it held no commercial value. But in 1926, another scientist by the name Dr. Waldo Semon in his attempts to create a material that will bind metal to rubber, made an astonishing discovery. After combining the material that was considered as a waste by the European scientists of the 1800s with chemicals and heat, PVC was produced. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a malleable gel that behaves much like rubber.

Since the fortuitous discovery of vinyl over seven decades ago, the use of the material has developed and has spread into almost all industries. Over sixty percent of the thirty billion pounds of vinyl produced globally today is used up in the construction sector. It has been estimated that the growing use of vinyl will continue to rise so as to meet the requirements of a growing global community.

There are different types of wall covering materials, and one of the greatest uses of vinyl is in wall coverings. It is a known fact that the walls of any room, whether it’s residential or an office receives constant abuse from time to time. Even though paint does a good job as a decorative tool and puts up enough of a good fight, it is not formidable enough to protect the interior of any room. This is where vinyl comes in.

What makes vinyl wall coverings much sought-after is because these coverings can be scoured or washed i.e. they can be kept clean as well as disinfected. This makes vinyl very useful for healthcare environments where spreading of germs must be curtailed as much as possible.

At first, one would be tempted to believe that vinyl wall coverings are pricier than paint. On the other hand, vinyl wall coverings are easier to maintain, cleans easier and faster, and its appearance is preserved for long, which makes vinyl wall coverings more effectual at the end of the day.

It has been proven that vinyl wall coverings can last up to about a decade, no matter the amount of abuse or exposure to human traffic. In fact, vinyl wall coverings can be furnished with enduring capacity that withstands abuse. Paints, on the other hand, requires touching up or reapplication after every three or four years. Because of the durability and versatility of vinyl, it is gaining popularity every day as vinyl wall covering products which are resistant to scratch and are strong continue to hit the market.

In selecting a wall covering, one needs to consider several factors as the graphic design of a building can hardly ever be used to determine the type of vinyl to be used. This is where the expertise of Design With Vinyl comes in. Not only can they recommend the ideal type, color or texture of wall covering to use for each room or high-trafficked areas, they also offer removable vinyl lettering services.

Using the services of Design With Vinyl,:

  • The application of vinyl is smooth and effortless
  • Cost of modifying any room in your home is small
  • The walls can easily be removed at any time
  • The quality and durability of the vinyl wall coverings are second to none.

Design With Vinyl also specialize in car decals and wall quotes for homes and offices and all these services are offered at relatively low prices.