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How To Transform Your Bathroom Into Spa

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Spas are known for their unique combination of ultra-relaxing elements, natural décor, soothing tones, and comfortable furnishings, so it would only make sense that many homeowners want to mimic these characteristics in their own bathroom. Opting for a spa-inspired bathroom is beneficial in terms of function and aesthetics, as it brings out the positive qualities of the area. But how exactly do you achieve a spa-inspired bathroom? And what furnishings and decorative accessories should you use? To learn the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Paint The Walls

One of the first steps towards achieving a spa-inspired bathroom is to paint the walls. Even if there's a coat of paint currently on the walls, going back over it with a fresh coat improves its color and brilliance. The absolute worst wall solution for spa-inspired bathrooms is wallpaper, so rip it down if it's covering your bathroom walls. You can't expect to achieve an authentic spa-inspired bathroom with tacky, dated wallpaper lingering on the walls.

In terms of paint color, there are dozens of different ways to approach a spa bathroom. The safest and arguably most effective color palette is neutral. If you browse around some examples of actual spas, you'll notice that most of them feature a similar neutral color palette. Taupe, beige, tan, and dark cherry are just a few color choices to consider.

Spa-Esque Lighting

Now let's talk about the lighting for a spa bathroom. Assuming you already have a primary overhead fixture as your main source of light, you should consider supplementing it with an additional source. Rather than installing an oversized, bulky fixture, however, you can add a touch of ambiance and style to your bathroom by using either a wall sconce or track lighting.

Placement is critical when it comes to supplemental lighting for your bathroom. If you decide to use track lighting, try placing it directly underneath a key focal point on the wall, such as a painting or framed photo. If you decide to use a wall sconce, consider placing it around the vanity.

Decorative Accessories For a Spa Bathroom

You can't expect to achieve a spa-inspired bathroom without using the right decorative accessories. If there's one decorative accessory that's considered “universal” in professional spas, it's the candle. Candles offering a relaxing ambiance with their slow-burning flame and delightful scents. Decorating your bathroom with just a few colorful scented candles will go a long ways in helping to achieve the look and feel of an actual spa.

Although it's more of a functional accessory rather than decorative, a towel warmer is something that should be included in each and every spa bathroom.

Filling glass vases or jars with polished stones is another subtle decorative accessory that's perfect for spa bathrooms. There are dozens of home décor stores which sell these accessories, or you can make them using some basic supplies. This is a simple accessory that really brings a fun yet relaxing element to the bathroom décor.