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Age happens to the very best of us.It’s amazing how fast time fly’s. One day you are dreading attending a class you detest. The next, you’re the one making sure your kids attend that class. Before you realize it, you’re a grandma or grandpa. Soon, your memory doesn’t agree with that of others. What happens next? You embrace aging gracefully.

In today’s fast paced technological era, Alzheimer’s and dementia seniors should not be condemned to boredom. Technology has made an exciting room for them. They too get to enjoy the technological era.It is scientifically proven that mental stimulation greatly impacts seniors with any mental impairment especially Alzheimer’s and dementia. Games have a way of stimulating you mentally.

What exactly is it?

The new day clock and card game tablet is a device designed specifically for seniors. Seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia no longer have to watch days pass by. The seniors’ day clock stimulates the brain helping Alzheimer’s senior citizens with memory loss. The seniors’ day clock is the perfect gift for that senior citizen you have in mind. Below is why you should get the new day clock and card game tablet.

Easy to use

The new seniors’ day clock and card game tablet is super easy to use. Bearing in mind technology might be hard to grasp especially for the seniors’, the seniors’ day clock is simply perfectly easy. Senior’s ailing from Alzheimer’s and dementia need not to struggle when using the tablet. Despite experiencing memory loss, the seniors’ day clock can easily be relearned and enjoyed daily.


Games have a way of keeping you happy and mentally stimulated. Whenever you get a chance to play a certain game, your moods automatically improve, your stress levels go down and you’re left feeling energized. Now imagine the impact it could have on a senior. The bliss it would bring to his/ her life. Wouldn’t you want that?

Alzheimer’s and dementia senior’s get to enjoy games like poker, blackjack and solitaire. The games help in mental stimulation. This then plays a positive role when it comes to memory loss. Gaming also helps seniors in centers interact and work together as a team.


The senior’s new day clock and card game is spectacular. The screen size is not exaggeratedly big. Neither is it tiny. The screen size is just perfect for seniors. It is a 7 inch touch screen tablet. Amazing right? The 7 inch touch screen makes playing the games easier and more interesting. It also gives an incredible visual.

Clock and calendar

Time is everything. Its value cannot be measured. Once time is lost, it can never be recovered.That’s the essence of the seniors’ day clock. Bearing in mind it was created for Alzheimer’s and dementia seniors, the clock is simply stunning. It comes with a one year unlimited warranty, lather stand or case, latest Google maps directions, a battery back-up and a charger.

When it comes to the calendar, the month and day are non- abbreviated. This makes it easier for both Alzheimer’s and dementia senior citizens. Due to memory loss, some might not remember the abbreviation Jan stands for January and Mon stands for Monday. The non-abbreviated calendar truly does come in handy.


Time is the only thing standing between you and senior citizens. Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss are what most senior citizens experience. Adding bliss to their lives makes it more colorful. Enthusiasm should never fade. A seniors’ day clock and gaming tablet will definitely make a senior you know happy. Why not make that senior happy today?