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Product Application

- The vinyl decals are computer die cut, removing the background leaving just the vinyl quote for installation.
- We use only high quality removable vinyl.
- Once your order is placed in most cases we'll prepare and ship the finished product within 24 hours.
- We will cut your item in the color black unless otherwise specified. Please see our color chart for available options.
- The vinyl lettering as shown in each photo does not always represent the size that is listed above.

Vinyl Lettering and Art installation Instructions 
We want you to be happy with your Design With Vinyl Quote from the moment you put it on, so please follow these instructions carefully. You are about to put two different adhesive sheets onto your wall to install your graphic. Be sure that your paint has proper adhesion and will resist peeling away from the surface of your wall as you remove these two layers. You can test this by putting painter’s tape on the wall where you intend to apply the graphic and then removing it. On freshly painted walls, we recommend you wait 30 days before applying your graphic.
Your wall graphic comes in 3 layers:
The top layer is called transfer tape and was applied to the face of the graphic in our facility. This layer will help hold the graphic away from the wall until it is ready to be applied. The middle layer is the vinyl graphic. The bottom layer is the backing paper that protects the adhesive prior to application.
- Ready-to-install wall graphic decal (quote)            
     - Installation instructions
- Additional Optional tools needed for installation:        
     - Blue painter’s tape      
     - Measuring tape         
     - Credit card or Flat plastic applicator (used to apply pressure on decal to wall)      
     - Ruler/straight edge      
     - Pencil        
     - Eraser

Step 1.  Preparing the graphic
Remove your graphic from the box and lay it face up (so that the lettering is readable in this position) on a clean, dry, flat surface. Using the a  application tool, rub the graphic as illustrated in the figure at right, working from the middle to the outside edge.  This will remove any wrinkles and ensure that the graphic is securely attached to the transfer tape.

Step 2. Preparing the wall surface
Prepare your wall for installation ensuring that it is free of dirt, wax, oils and moisture.  Make sure walls are completely dry before applying your graphic.

Step 3.  Placing the graphic
Your eye will judge you’re graphic as being level by comparing it to the closest parallel line. This could be the top of a door jam or tabletop or perhaps the line where the wall meets the ceiling.  Therefore, you should measure each end of the graphic to that parallel line so that it will be level to the eye.  Center the graphic horizontally by making sure that each end is an equal distance from the ends of the space where it is to be placed. Then re-check to make sure the you’re graphic is still parallel to the closest parallel line mentioned above.  See the figure at right.  It illustrates putting a small piece of tape at each end of the graphic so that each is held in place as you adjust the other end. 

Step 4.  Hinging the graphic
Once the graphic is level, run a continuous line of painter’s tape across the top of the graphic to secure it to the wall.  This tape forms a ‘hinge’ that secures your graphic in place while allowing you to lift it away from the wall in order to remove the backing paper.  

Step 5.  Removing the backing paper 
Lift the graphic up so that the backside of the backing paper is facing outward.  Hold the graphic in this position, and carefully remove the backing paper leaving only the graphic and the transfer tape.  On larger graphics it will be made easier by only lifting the backing paper half way and folding it in the middle.  This helps to hold the graphic uniformly away from the wall as the top part is laid to the wall. Then the balance of the backing paper can be removed a little at a time as the balance of the graphic is applied.   

Step 6.  Applying the graphic
Hinge the graphic back down, holding it away from the wall so as not to allow contact with the wall.  Using  a credit card or a plastic application tool, press the lettering on to the wall, smoothing the surface from top to bottom. See the figure at right.  Use a application tool to smooth the entire surface – again working from the middle to the outside edges.  

Step 7.  Removing the transfer tape
To reveal the finished graphic, work slowly from one of the corners and carefully peel back the transfer tape at an acute angle.   Do not pull the transfer tape straight out, as this could pull the lettering off at the same time.

Step 8.  Enjoy your new wall art!